We are so proud of our listeners and their feedback!


"We have arrived in Antwerp and are enjoying your show and some choccies and Belgian beer!" -- Dominique & Martine in Gascony, France

"Hi John! Hope you are well!! I wanted to tell you how much I look forward to sitting on my front porch and listening to your show every week. It is my new form of "Me Time". A glass of wine and the Gascony Show!" -- Anna in Louisburg, North Carolina, USA

"Quelle belle affiche pour annoncer l'inoubliable fête irlandaise qui est la St Patrick. Une française se fondra dans une foule euphorique emportée par les chants traditionnels et la guiness coulera à flot ..." -- Céline in L'Isle-en-Dodon, France

"You really have a talent to let people feel relaxed and comfortable. You are definitely doing the right job, there!!" -- Alexis in Pavie, France

"I listened to your New Years Eve show the other day. I have not heard some of those songs for a long time … and the facts about Auld Lang … your show is the best!" -- Charles in Barcelona, Spain

"I really enjoy your radio shows and keep going!" -- Gregoris in Sarcos, France

"I just stumbled across your show from my Sydney bedroom. I must say, the music that you play is great! I just wish we had a station like yours here! If only, if only... none the less, keep up the great music!" -- Amanda in Sydney, Australia

"Hey great program John!!! And when I hear .. "Papa was a Rolling Stone .." nothing can beat it!!!" -- Vince, Ardèche, France

"Bonjour John. It is only 5am (Monday morning). I have set the computer to record your show and I am heading back to bed for another hour. Best wishes." -- Graeme (& Janette), New Zealand

"Great show with Sue [Whatmough] -- You were both amazing!" -- Patrick, Gascony, France

"Love the Home Page presentation! John, you look like a guy I could spend lots of Sunday evenings with." -- Sharon in USA

"I've listened to your show last Sunday and was very happy to hear Bob Dylan again; I haven't listened to his songs for so so long ... but Mariah Carey is definitely not my cup of tea ! Pwah !!" -- Nazaré in Agen, France

"Even in Belgium, I can follow your good show. Can you play during next show the song from Paul Weller 'My English Rose'. Thanks" -- Wilfried in Belgium

"I'm truly happy to discover your Radio show Gascony (the interview with Joy & Roger Askew, just great). It's so nice to have a such good radio show in English! That's a real good idea." -- Barbara in France

"Congrats on your new show. Reckon it will beat 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' in the ratings here before long! Dont forget to give Wicklow a mention." -- Richard in Ireland

"Listening to the show from Aungier Street, Dublin City Centre. Congrats! Its great! All the best." -- Katie in Ireland

"Hey Johnny!!! Gratuliere sehr sehr gute Idee ein English Radio in France zu haben. Alles liebe bis bald!" -- Vladimir in Vienna, Austria

"Super idea and we wish you every success with it. We are in UK at the moment but will be avid listeners when we return." -- Monte and Diane in France

"Everyone listened in our house and thought it was great altogether. Hope to tune in next week! Well done!!" -- Sarah in Dublin, Ireland

"Lee here, listening in Halifax. Enjoying the show and wishing you every success with the show." -- Lee in Halifax, UK

"This is great! I will be listening for sure!" -- Lily in Rennes, France

"TROP COOL!!!! vivement dimanche!!!" -- Marie in Monléon Magnoac, France

"Buena Suerte y saludos desde Santiago, Chile !...I look forward to tuning in ...all the best..." -- Simon in Chile

"Hey! this is gonna be great! I'm looking forward to it!!!!" -- Anne in Auch, France

"Look forward to your show - how can I pick it up in Hong Kong?" -- Les in Hong Kong

"VERY NIIIICCCEEEE!!! Good luck! Will listen in on Sunday ;)" -- Renate in Pouy, France