Broadcasting in the Gascony region


Radio Coteaux is an associated radio station, embedded in the quaint french village Saint Blancard in the Gers region of the south-west of France, some 100km south of Toulouse.


The radio station is tightly knitted to the surrounding community, attending many events in the Gascony region, supporting numerous charitable causes, producing ecological programs on environment, and promoting tourism to the region through its close ties to CILT, le Centre d'Insertion par le Loisir et le Tourisme.


The arrival of a large number of ex-pats to the region in recent years has prompted Radio Coteaux to reach out to the newcomers with an all-english radio show called the Gascony Show. Through this show, Radio Coteaux aims to extend a warm welcome to all foreigners, hoping to make them feel right at home, while at the same time providing some light entertainment in english for its french listeners.