The Gascony Show


Just what the expatriates living in France need, an English language chat show broadcasting entertainment and information of local interest on the French air waves, The Gascony Show, hosted by John Slattery.


John Slattery


John Slattery was born and reared in Dublin, Ireland, and educated at Trinity College Dublin where he graduated in Electronic Engineering and Mathematics. After a Masters degree in Computer Science earned through research for a pan-European project, he spent many years working for large engineering companies in Germany, Austria, the United States, and Ireland, before finally settling some 10 years ago in the tranquil hills of the Gascony region for a quieter life and to rear his family.


Possessing a genuine gift of the Irish charm with an inate need to converse, and not finding quite enough audience in the local french caf├ęs, John decided to launch himself on the air waves with a wonderful co-host, Patricia McKinnes. Together they lauched The Flattery Show, a light entertainment music and chat show that ran for 21 shows.


"Being part of this duo team producing and presenting The Flattery Show had been an adventure and a barrel of laughs", says John, "it was quite a thrill to be the first to broadcast a regularly aired all-english-language chat show into France, and the feedback from both expatriates and the French was incredible."


The Flattery Show went off the air for a well deserved summer break, but due to popular demand, and in particular from french listeners, John launched The Gascony Show to take its place.