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The Gascony Show launched on the 10th of July 2011 and ran to the end of June 2013. As all of you must have felt, I had amazing fun creating and broadcasting this show. But unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and so too, after over 90 superb live broadcasts, the Gascony Show is no longer on the air, as I wander off to concentrate on other projects. I thank all you listeners for your support and contributions, I thank all my studio guests for coming on air, and I thank Patrick Martinez of Radio Coteaux. Without this magical mix of people, this show would never have been so fantastic!

I do hope that this is not the end though, just see it as a long intermission! I'm sure that I'll find the time to go back on the air again one fine day, perhaps with a new show, perhaps on a different frequency, who knows. I'm open to offers for a new radio project and if one comes along, you'll be the first to know. Meanwhile, all the very best! -- John

John Slattery

I'm your show host, John Slattery All the expatriates were missing here in Gascony was an English language chat show on the radio. So this is their show. Of course, no matter where you are on the globe, you are all welcome to listen in and participate.

Gascony Radio Show

Interesting people come to chat!We've had many accomplished artists, writers, musicians, travellers and even vagabonds on the show for a chat. Tune in next Sunday evening to see who we might have invited along.

Radio Coteaux

Radio Coteaux in Saint BlancardRadio Coteaux is an associated radio station, embedded in the quaint french village Saint Blancard in the Gers region of the south-west of France, some 100km south of Toulouse | More

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Submit a topic or storyWe are always happy to hear from you. Write to us about whatever comes to mind ... your ideas for topics on the show, your feedback, questions you would like asked at future interviews, etc | More

Submit a top to the Gascony Show

Those gracious peopleThanks to our sponsors for their continued support of the Gascony Show. It’s both thanks to them and to our listeners that the show continues to thrive week after week | More

A blog about the Gascony Show

YIKES!!! We've been blogged!!!And the experience was not so bad at all. We can highly recommend it. Check out Sue Whatmough's blog all about the Gascony Show | More

Gascony Show Archives

We record them and we stash them!There is so much fun making this show, we don't want to forget the best bits, so the archive serves to remind us of the various themed shows that we've done and some of the funnier incidents on air | More


We just love them!"After a little bit of research on the internet I found a link, listening 2 your show right now! Awesome... ;-)" -- Renate in Vught, Netherlands

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That's right, the show goes out live every Sunday evening from 5pm to 7pm CET on Radio Coteaux in the heart of the beautiful Gascony region of south-west France. Tune in to 97.7FM or 104.5FM or to listen over the internet

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